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Bacco has a long history from the dairy, milk carton and packaging industry.
Valuable know-how has been collected over the years and we still supply specilized equipment to key customers all around the world.


The GasMix System is an unit designed to be integrated into a Flame Sealer for liquid carton packaging.
The GasMix unit can control up to 5 burners independantly.
The GasMix unit ensures consistent operation for the flame sealers
heating section, thus providing stabile production quality, and reducing
the time it takes to readjust burner settings from one product to another.

IR scan

The Bacco IRS is a temperature measuring scanner. The IRS measures the PE temperature across the sealing line and display as a graph. This is a useful tool to adjust the heaters in a carton side sealing machine.
The unit works with both Flame Sealers and Hot Air Sealers.