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HandTag - manual tagging

HandTag is a manual tagging machine which can be used for any type of fish.

The machine attaches a tag onto the fish using a small plastic anchor. The machine holds both tags and fasteners so this is a “one hand” tagging operation. The tags are delivered in a roll of 300 tags and the fastener magazine holds 150 anchors.

HandTag has a tagging capacity is 30 fish per minute depending on operator skills and production layout.

HandTag has a simple open construction which is easy to clean and maintain, it weighs only 2,3kg.

HandTag comes in 4 different sizes, depending on the tag size: 25×60 mm, 30×60 mm, 35×60 mm og 40×60 mm tag. The machine is delivered with airfilter/regulator and a balancing pully to reduce strain on the operator.

Please see HandTag in operation in the video below.

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