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BaccoTag-L - automatic tagging machine

BaccoTag-L is a fully automatic tagging machine and traceability system for large round fish like salmon, trout and barramundi.

The machine attaches a pre-printed plastic tag directly into the fish’s gill-plate, using a fine plastic thread.

BaccoTag-L can tag fish from 200g to 10kg by adjusting the tagging unit automatically to the fish size. This is done with a height scanner mounted on the conveyor in front of the BaccoTag-L.

The tags and staples (fasteners) are roll fed so that the machine can tag approx. 5000 fish without reloading. BaccoTag-L has a tagging capacity of 75 fish per minute.

The machine can be used stand-alone or installed in a packing grader. BaccoTag-L can also be configured to have the fish go from right to left or left to right.

Height scanner

Data sheet