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Short on BaccoTag-K

BaccoTag-K is a new generation fully automatic tagging machine and traceability system for dried salted fish (klippfisk).

It attaches a pre-printed plastic tag (label) directly onto the fish, using a small, fine plastic thread.

The BaccoTag-K Graphic machine has an integrated printer which can add traceability data on each label prior to attachment.

The machine can be installed in a packing grader or used stand-alone. BaccoTag-K can be configured for fish going from “left to right” or “right to left” depending on the production line layout.

The tagging capacity is 75 fish per minute. The tags and fasteners are roll fed and has a capacity of 3500-5000 taggings depending on tag size.


BaccoTag-K replaces our earlier model BaccoTag and a video of this machine can be seen in the folder BaccoTag.